Thickener Control Building Improvements

USD Project Manager: Curtis Bosick
Contractor: GSE Construction Company, Inc.
Awarded Contract Amount: $9,990,050
Estimated Completion Date: 02/2017

The Thickener Control Building was originally constructed during the 1978 Plant Construction Project.  USD staff determined that the scum and sludge pumps, valves, weir gates and various electrical components inside the control building needed to be replaced due to age, obsolescence and/or maintenance problems.  This project includes the demolition of the existing Thickener Control Building, including scum pits and flow splitter structure; construction of new Thickener Control Structure with built-in utility trenches; installation of three new progressing cavity sludge pumps, two grinder pumps and two flow meters; construction of new Thickener Electrical Building; installation of new thickened primary sludge yard piping; and replacement of obsolete primary scum pumps.

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