Fremont and Paseo Padre Lift Stations Improvements Project

USD Project Manager: Derek Chiu
Contractor: Mountain Cascade, Inc.
Awarded Contract Amount: $2,801,500
Estimated Completion Date: 10/2016

The District operates several small lift stations to convey wastewater in the gravity sewer system to larger pump stations that, in turn, transport wastewater to the Alvarado Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The Fremont Lift Station and Paseo Padre Lift Station were constructed in 1984 and no major improvements have been made since being built over 30 years ago.  In September 2014, District staff discovered corrosion of the interior parts of the wastewater pumps and identified a project to replace the pumps.  Due to the age of the two facilities, the project will also replace other mechanical and electrical equipment, rehabilitate the station buildings and wet wells and construct miscellaneous improvements.

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