Alvarado Influent Valve Box Rehabilitation Project

USD Project Manager: Kevin Chun
Contractor: C. Overaa & Co.
Awarded Contract Amount: $401,930
Estimated Completion Date: September 2020

The objective of this project is to replace key knife gate valves that will allow staff to reliably isolate the influent wastewater flows into USD's Alvarado Wastewater Treatment Plant during critical maintenance and construction activities. The project will also include modification to the interior of Control Box No. 1 to mitigate grit accumulation issues and rehabilitation of the force main piping's exterior coating and interior lining.

The project includes the following scope of work:

  • Replace three 42-inch knife gate valves in the Alvarado Influent Valve Box and the Headworks Valve Box
  • Install one duckbill check valve and two standpipe risers on the existing force main pipe penetrations in Control Box No. 1
  • Perform interior lining and exterior coating repairs to the existing force main piping

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